Bridger Raptor Festival Bridger Raptor Festival

Welcome to the Bridger Raptor Festival
October 7 - 9, 2016

The Bridger Raptor Festival is an annual event held in early October in and around Bozeman, Montana. The festival, which is free to the public, centers around the largest known Golden Eagle migration in the United States. Since 1991 a raptor migration count has taken place every fall at the Bridger Bowl ski area in the Gallatin National Forest just north of Bozeman. Festival activities center around raptor viewing and include nature walks and talks, educational and entertaining programs and activities for people of all ages.
The event is sponsored by Northwestern Energy and Bridger Bowl. It is hosted by the Museum of the Rockies, the Bridger Bowl Foundation, Gallatin National Forest, and the Montana Raptor Conservation Center, and the Sacajawea and Montana chapters of the Audubon Society.


Keynote Speaker - Marco Restani, Conservation Director of Montana Audubon Society and President of the Board of Directors of the Montana Raptor Conservation Center, will speak on "Avian Migration: Pattern and Process, Risk and Reward"

October 7, 2016 - 7:00 pm Museum of the Rockies

For generations the spectacle of bird migration has inspired artists and scientists alike. After a long cold winter, returning flocks of waterfowl and colorful songbirds warm the spirit and elicit questions about the behavior of mass movement. Some birds travel 10,000 miles one-way or fly non-stop for days. Why do they do that? How do they do that? Although enjoying raptor migrations was once largely restricted to ridgetop sport shooting, today amateur and professional naturalists sit to count, record, and admire the beauty of flight as birds pass by at eye level. This presentation will review general principles of bird migration and will focus on raptor studies that revealed how the continents are connected by seasonal movement.


Oktoberfest @ Raptor Fest

Beer, food and music in the Jim Bridger Lodge from 3 to 6 pm on Saturday, October 8.

Mission Statement

The Bridger Raptor Festival: A Migration Celebration is an annual event dedicated to promoting an awareness and appreciation for the migration of raptors and other wildlife through the Northern Rockies.

The Festival seeks to:

Raise awareness and support local, national and international organizations that share in this mission.

  • Connect the general public to research regarding wildlife and to promote access and interpretation to the findings of the research.
  • Foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the local wildlife –while providing opportunities to for life-long learning.

Events that are free, available to the general public, appealing to a wide range of backgrounds, ages and interests.